Pie chart varieties

After detailed study and classification of all existing Tierra del vino vineyards and depending on the adaptation and representation of each one in relation to the overall, our regulation states the following varieties as the most adapted and representative.

Red: Tempranillo.
White: Malvasía, fine grain Moscatel and Verdejo

Red: Garnacha and Cabernet-Sauvignon.
White: Albillo, Palomino and Godello.

The studies of our technical services indicate that the average production per hectare in Tierra del vino is placed around 3.500Kg. for red varieties and 5.000Kg. for white varieties. The most common plant density in low bush vines varies between the 1.111 vine stocks per hectare in the 3,00 x 3,00 frames, to the 1.008 vine stocks in the 3,15 x 3,15 frames.
In what most recent plantation trellis vines is concerned, the most usual frames are 3,00 x 1,50 and 3,00 x 1,30, with plant densities of 2.222 and 2.564 vine stocks per hectare respectively.
At the moment, the percentage of trellis vines against the total amount of registered vines is approximately 18.66%. The average age of the vines registered with our Governing Body is 65 years.